About Us

Harmonate is revolutionizing fund operations and data management by enabling firms to move away from current inefficient point-to-point legacy systems, and into an integrated platform that consolidates key data, and orchestrates transparency into data operations in a way that was previously impossible.

Our proprietary technology, Conductor, was developed through 15 years of engineering and continual refinement in complex, real-world financial environments. Our tech has helped serve 27 thousand limited partners across 700 unique fund and finance vehicles.

With over 75 years of combined experience, the Harmonate team is made up of seasoned technology and financial professionals with a proven track record of success.

Michael Halloran
Michael Halloran, Chairman & CEO

Founder of Harmonate, Michael is passionate about better financial administration solutions delivered through improved utilization of technology, greater administrative efficiency, and best in class sector expertise. Michael brings years of experience, including enterprise class real-time technology solutions for financial risk management, compliance, sales, and marketing. He has previously worked extensively with major corporations such as Intel, Microsoft, Charles Schwab, and Nikon.

Kevin Walkup
Kevin Walkup, President & COO

With more than 27 years of IT and equity market experience, Kevin is a seasoned senior executive with an impressive, proven track record of transforming global technology companies. Having been at Dell, Samsung SDI and Sanmina, Kevin has run several multi-billion dollar businesses.

Kevin holds a B.A. in Global Organizational Management/Economics and attended Missouri State University.

Izak Joubert
Izak Joubert, CTO

Izak has over 25 years of experience in designing and deploying enterprise software solutions. He has extensive experience in large commercial software solutions in the ERP, CRM, B2B, and EAI sectors. Prior to joining Harmonate, he was VP Engineering and Chief Architect for H Corporation where he was responsible for the overall architecture, technical design, and product strategy for all their products. Izak is well versed in several technologies including Microsoft .NET, relational database technologies including HTML, DHTML, XML, and Javascript as well as Web-services working with the latest published W3C standards. He has worked with several large organizations, including Stanford University Graduate School of Business, Cisco Systems, Intel, AMD, Flextronics, HP, and KLA Tencor.

Stephen McClain
Stephen McClain, Head of Product

Stephen McClain is our in-house, Silicon Valley-based, FinTech expert, and is focused on leading Harmonate’s product development. Before Harmonate, Stephen spent over seven years translating complex and heavily regulated financial services processes into a scalable, user-friendly and successful SaaS (software as a service) solution at NES Financial. Stephen’s 20+ years of industry experience also includes everything from hands-on software engineering, leading product solutions for Snap-on Inc., large scale data management to process efficiency, optimization and legal compliance.