Have You Considered An Outsourced CTO?

Apr 29, 2020

Think Advisor quotes Doug Fritz of F2 Strategy saying recent fintech closures are the tip of the tip of the iceberg.

We come back to that 1992 Steve Jobs presentation at MIT we’ve shared before. He cited the work of famed CIO Paul Strassmann who pointed out that technology that delivers operational productivity is better than technology that delivers management productivity.

In other words middle and back office technology that works is better than front office technology. In fact high quality middle and back office technology makes front office technology perform best.

The fallout Doug predicts may proceed along these lines and we encourage you to read ThinkAdvisor’s and others’ reporting through that lens.

If we stick with F2 Strategy a moment longer, this reasoning helps explain the genius of their new OCTOTM outsourced CTO offering. Family Wealth Report picked up on that and you can read their reporting if you have a subscription, or read F2’s announcement here.

This meets a critical need in the alternative investment and fund world, as well as for allocators. How do you select and deploy technologies that aren’t just exciting, but are the right ones for your business and where you and your people are right now. A CTO can be patched in to help right now.

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