Harmonate Expands Business Development Team for Private Capital Data Operations

Mar 9, 2021

Enterprise technology professionals to provide greater access to configurable fund data management

SAN JOSE, CALIF. March 9, 2020 – Harmonate announced the expansion of its revenue development team as the data operations company meets demand from fund administrators and private capital leaders.

“The Conductor platform is performing wonderfully, delivering efficiencies, improving risk profiles, providing flexibility and getting information into the hands of investors much faster than older more manual approaches,” said Harmonate CEO Kevin Walkup. “Having a world-class product calls for a world-class team to that can open the door for more private capital leaders seeking to adopt contemporary mid-to-back office capabilities.”

With today’s announcement the Harmonate business development team now includes Steven Spitts, Alyssa Feinberg, Michael Backlund, and Anastassios Mangafas.

“Harmonate’s clients slash administration costs and manual data entry drudgery, while strengthening compliance, accuracy and customization,” said Backlund, speaking for the team. “Conductor is a proprietary machine learning solution that organizes disparate data and document sources. Conductor validates and extracts pertinent information for export to the persistence method of choice. Integration into your existing stack is a breeze given Conductor’s flexible, fast, smart, and natively configurable architecture. It’s frankly a joy to share that with more of the private capital world.”

Harmonate’s Conductor product provides proven automated data extraction from general ledger systems, statements and balances, providing data normalization, creating specialized data warehouses, and intelligently feeding client dashboards, reports and service level agreements. Outputs are also configured for internal general ledger administration, enterprise resource planning and reporting. Harmonate’s data aggregation process encompasses configuration of schedules, data sources, reference data and master data. This provides reporting on expected and actual results to support management through straightforward dashboards.

Conductor has demonstrated the full-scale capacity to reduce reporting delivery timelines by more than 80 percent, or from two weeks to 24 hours. In addition to its speed, quality, and capacity to make data more easily used in more ways, Conductor has also shown capability to provide 20 percent cost savings in year one of implementation, and 80 percent savings in ensuing years.

About Harmonate

Harmonate is a data services platform for funds that frees operations from the limits of legacy systems and closes the information gap between fund managers and investors, as well as between funds and the public sector. The company’s purpose-built solutions streamline middle office processes — simplify complex, high velocity transactions, and help ensure security and regulatory compliance through each step of a fund’s life cycle.

With its proprietary fundstech platform and leveraging more than 15 years of specialty financial administration leadership, Harmonate is helping define best practices in each of the markets it has supported. For more information, please visit harmonate.com.

Official press release: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/harmonate-expands-business-development-team-for-private-capital-data-operations-301243061.html

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