Data Ops in Fund Administration Require a Human Touch
March 29, 2021

Data Ops in Fund Administration Require a Human Touch

Today’s large fund administrators service hundreds to thousands of fund managers and institutional investors. Automation is driving down margins across the investing industry. Price competition has become fierce. There is a great deal of talk about technology being an edge, but a human touch is still needed.




Kevin Walkup
AUSTININNOMarch 24, 2021

Fintech co. Harmonate to move HQ to Austin from Silicon Valley

Austin’s welcome mat might seem pretty well-tread at this point. But with each new addition to the tech ecosystem, Austin’s pool of talent and opportunity gets a little deeper. The latest addition is a San Jose data services company called Harmonate.




Harmonate To Austin
March 23, 2021

Harmonate Moves Headquarters To Austin, Texas To Launch Next Stage Of The Private Capital Data Operations Revolution

Harmonate announced it will relocate its corporate headquarters from San Jose, California to Austin, Texas as the private capital data operations company scales to meet demand from fund administrators, asset managers and allocators for its Conductor product.




Harmonate partners with JTC
March 9, 2021

Harmonate Expands Business Development Team for Private Capital Data Operations

Harmonate announced the expansion of its revenue development team as the data operations company meets demand from fund administrators and private capital leaders. Enterprise technology professionals will provide greater access to configurable fund data management.




Harmonate partners with JTC
December 4, 2020

Harmonate partners with JTC

The partnership enables faster, accurate extraction of financial data for institutional fund and private wealth clients.




Richard Scheffrin Harmonate CTO
December 3, 2020

Harmonate Appoints Richard Scheffrin CTO to Sustain Leadership in Data Operations for Funds

Enterprise technology veteran to accelerate the data management revolution in FundsTech. “Richard’s experience, leading pragmatic innovation and driving long term product strategy allows businesses to seize opportunities others can’t,” said Harmonate CEO Kevin Walkup.




 JTC Group Selects Harmonate to Expand Data Management Strategy
December 2, 2020

Harmonate’s Data Operations Platform to Serve Global Powerhouse Servicing More Than $130 Billion in Assets

“Our institutional and private clients understand the power of data relative to their own organizations and as their trusted partner, they turn to JTC for the solutions that will meet their growing need for pace, quality, usability and information security,” said JTC Group CEO Nigel Le Quesne.




JTC Group Selects Harmonate
December 2, 2020

JTC Group Selects Harmonate To Expand Data Management Strategy

Harmonate announces its selection by JTC Group (LON:JTC) to allow faster, accurate extraction of financial data for institutional fund and private wealth clientele, broadening access to diverse sources and forms of data to enhance offerings and provide unprecedented speed and reporting capabilities to the global JTC customer base.




High tech fund administration
​November 18, 2020

High tech fund administration is doing something wrong if it feels too high tech

The stage is set for tremendous change in the fund administration space, as tech-savvy industry disruptors look to gain a foothold and incumbents invest in solutions to keep pace. Call it “new fund administration”, writes Michael Trinkaus, CEO at 4Pines Fund Services.




Asset Servicing Times
​October 28, 2020

From Acorns into Oaks

There is a very real risk of being left behind, for fund professionals who haven’t figured out data operations and data management yet. In Asset Servicing Times’ latest issue, Harmonate’s Kevin Walkup discusses common mistakes and a playbook for avoiding traps.



Change management is the secret ingredient in successful data operations for funds
Global Custodian logo​October 23, 2020

Change management is the secret ingredient in successful data operations for funds

In many cases the best technology isn’t really about the technology at all, it’s about the people skills and implementation, writes Stephen McClain, head of product here at Harmonate.



Leveraging AI To Streamline Data Operations
​September 25, 2020

Can a person be “too nice” to be a strong leader?

Effective leadership and change management are critical to shepherding teams through an evolution to true data operations at private funds and fund services, as well as to gain ground with impact investing and leaning into change generally.


Leveraging AI To Streamline Data Operations
​September 23, 2020

Here’s why tech CFOs are taking a new look at pricing strategy

The coronavirus pandemic is compelling companies to re-imagine their workplaces at the same time as they are rolling out new products and services that will determine their survival in a transformed economy, writes John Hart, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of funds tech company Harmonate.


Leveraging AI To Streamline Data Operations
​September 4, 2020

Fund Management: Leveraging AI To Streamline Data Operations

Kevin Walkup, CEO of Harmonate, elaborates on the factors that drive real change in private fund operations. He explains how technology is the driving force in fund management and answers the question fundraisers have about data operations.


Kevin Walkup CEO Harmonate
​August 25, 2020

4Pines Fund Services Selects Harmonate For Data Operations

Harmonate’s platform is now available to asset managers through 4Pines Fund Services, allowing funds to move past limits on the speed, savings, accuracy and insights latent in their middle and back office


Kevin Walkup CEO Harmonate
​August 18, 2020

Harmonate Appoints Kevin Walkup CEO to Expand Leadership in Data Operations for Funds

We’re proud to announce our President and COO, Kevin Walkup, is taking the helm as CEO. Here is an executive who can tell you first hand what it looks like when leaders pivot into technology and take their teams to market dominance as an industry evolves.

Kevin Walkup CEO Harmonate
​August 3, 2020

Fund Data Operations and Banks Have Something To Learn From An Obscure Immigrant Investor Program

Technology infrastructures can empower immigrants to invest, work and grow the American economy where they are needed most and when everyone is pulling together to start again.


 Harmonate: Can we define high-touch fund services?
IBS IntelligenceJuly 27, 2020

Can we define high-touch fund services?

Can the confluence of three fast-moving market forces make for a perfect storm in a specific industry? Fund administers are about to find out.
Global Custodian logoJuly 24, 2020

Have fund services executives accepted their fate?

Fund managers and fund services firms usually don’t compare their companies to social media, but they could learn some lessons from the recent travails of TikTok and Facebook.

Private Fund Data Operations Should Provide More Protection
readwrite logoJuly 16, 2020

Private Fund Data Operations Should Provide More Protection

Asset managers are reaching an inflection point requiring back and middle office functions to be shifted to a partner. Or the need for stronger quality pushes them to explore alternatives to their current administrator.

Your LP is your customer, that’s important to understand
July 16, 2020

Your LP is your customer, that’s important to understand

Far fewer recognise that customers increasingly want to know how and why the service they’re buying came to be in the first place. That goes for limited partnerships (LPs) and funds too.

 Fundraising Now? Remember Morality Impacts Valuation
readwrite logoJuly 15, 2020

Fundraising Now? Remember Morality Impacts Valuation

Startup founders are trying to figure out how to fundraise through a pandemic and economic crash. New talk of capital efficiency is gratifying, but there was another lesson from pre-COVID-19 valuation struggles. Morality matters.

Private fund transparency
readwrite logoJune 25, 2020

Less Data Transparency Means Less Investor Trust

The business world can take two lessons away from the countries that have been most successful in fighting COVID-19. Data operations, data transparency and clear communications matter. Those are particularly important lessons for asset managers that need trust almost more than anything else right now.

Formla 1 fintech pit stop
TechCrunch logoJune 4, 2020

Why you should worry about data transparency

As the economy reacts and changes due to COVID-19, firms will need to adapt to the new landscape in business and finance. There are several factors to consider when making this adjustment, one of them is transparency.

Formla 1 fintech pit stop
June 3, 2020

Like a Formula 1 racer, fund managers need a tech pitstop, not a total rebuild

“Change management” gets pushed on to fintech customers much more than it should. Especially given that change management is the hard part. The customer needs to be a partner, but the vendor has to get in there with the heavy lifting.

​April 30, 2020

Asset Servicing Times issue #239 features insights from Harmonate

Asset Servicing Times took a deep dive into data operations for funds’ middle and back offices. Kevin Walkup shared our views here at Harmonate, on what we are seeing right now in terms of best practices and solutions that are both fast and rock solid.

​April 27, 2020

Covid-19, Jobs, Data and Machine Learning

Americans worry machine learning and artificial intelligence are a threat to their livelihoods. But the global pandemic demonstrates that these data technologies are essential to improving lives.

​April 17, 2020

3 People Reveal a Formula for Hedge Fund Data Operations

Patrick O’Shaughnessy, Peng Zhao, and Michael Recce don’t work at hedge funds. But collectively these three illustrate a formula for the future of hedge funds, fund data operations, and big-time investing generally.

​April 8, 2020

Fund Admin Shops Face Major Remote Work Test

Harmonate’s Kevin Walkup was interviewed on technology gaps being exposed by COVID-19. This article requires a FundFire subscription to view.

April 3, 2020

Kevin Walkup: COVID-19 pandemic shows importance of data operations

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the importance of data operations and transparent communications in the financial services industry, according to Kevin Walkup, president and COO of Harmonate.

April 2, 2020

Companies Must Adapt Quickly To A COVID-19 Economy

Businesses that have products that are fast to launch, easy to use and provide value quickly are already weathering the initial stages of the crisis.

April 1, 2020

Trust and Data Transparency Are Now the Same Thing

How transparent is an asset manager with data for institutional investors? Before COVID-19, an allocator asking for more access to data may have seemed mistrustful. Now trust is based on knowing no data is being hidden.

Global Custodian logo

March 31, 2020

Asset managers’ middle- and back-offices are struggling to keep up with COVID-19

The inability to make meaningful technology-driven progress is now being exposed, as manual processes leave asset managers at risk, writes Kevin Walkup president and COO of Harmonate. logo​March 20, 2020

Smart Data Holds The Key To Unlocking Opportunity Zone Impact

If we think about what data operations can do for unlocking capital, it’s useful to remember the EB-5 program that helped during the Great Recession. That was facilitated by the technology at Specialty Financial Administrator NES Financial. Intelligent data is also at work in Opportunity Zones, if we lay down the politics.


March 18, 2020

Why Isn’t Machine Learning Living up to the Hype?

As a team from Deloitte Australia writes, “if our social and economic systems persist in framing work in terms of tasks completed, and to value labor in terms of its ability to prosecute these tasks — then we can expect AI & ML solutions to continue to be used as they often are today: as cost-cutting enablers, substitutes for humans instead of partners with humans.”

Pensions & Investments

March 16, 2020

For fund managers, data warehouses and dashboards are suddenly cool again

As global markets brace for the potential end to a decade of non-stop economic growth, private fund managers are making extraordinary moves to strengthen relationships with limited partners and enhance investment performance.

Morning Consult

March 03, 2020

Andrew Yang Put the Automation of Jobs on the National Agenda

The rapidly evolving election season seems to have left Andrew Yang behind in the rear view mirror. But his warnings about automation and job loss are staying with us. What to do when inevitable automation efficiencies make humans redundant? History shows us there is a path forward.


Feb 11, 2020

Reluctance to overhaul data operations gives proactive COOs a chance to differentiate

Despite the disclaimers, nothing beats past performance when it comes to wooing investors. But as we approach a full decade of a bull market, it’s not enough for fund managers to show strong returns from recent years. They need to back up their decisions and the value of the sectors they invest in with data. Subscription is required.

​Jan 10, 2020

What 2020 holds for enterprise tech — the numbers alone don’t tell the whole story

Between Cisco’s bellwether earnings, the course adjustments that have followed, and nervous chatter at end of 2019 conferences, enterprise technology spending looks likely to slow as we head in this new year and new decade. Is business technology the wrong part of Silicon Valley to stake a claim in? Not quite. Subscription is required.

Dec 23, 2019

2020 vision: Fund services trends to define the New Year

As another year passes, Global Custodian is celebrating a record year of online traffic as we set new highs in our website views. Thanks to consistently breaking the biggest stories within the world of securities services and taking a deep-dive into some of the most innovative new releases from custodians, fund administrators and the like, 2019 was our best year yet.

Dec 8, 2019

Data Warehouses Are Finally Kicking Into High Gear

Announcements of new high tech client portals from Neuberger Berman and Pershing suggest something is happening under the hood of funds. It may be that long-talked-about digital transformation is springing forward at last. Subscription is required.

Nov 27, 2019

Louis Bacon’s sunset ride may foretell ‘mechanized future’ of data-driven investing

The legendary Moore Capital is closing. Its founder, Louis Bacon, is reported to be riding off into the sunset. His name was often mentioned in the same breath as George Soros, Stan Druckenmiller and Paul Tudor Jones. Like them, over his three-decade career he helped build hedge funds’ reputation for placing big bets on big world events — profiting from predictions of war and economic meltdown.

Nov 19, 2019

Harmonate launches next generation data operations for funds

Harmonate, a data services platform for funds, has launched a full-scale deployment of its latest data operations platform for funds. Harmonate says the platform can provide 20 per cent cost savings in year one of implementation, and 80 per cent savings in ensuing years. Harmonate has also demonstrated a capability to reduce reporting delivery timelines by more than 80 per cent.

Nov 18, 2019

Fund admin spinout Harmonate launches middle office ML data platform

Harmonate announced the launch of its data operations platform for funds. Until this launch, its services were only available exclusively through a single fund administrator, NES Financial. The fintech now provides a standalone service available to all funds, fund administrators, systems integrators and funds of funds, including those it already serves through its pre-launch engagements.