80% Faster, 80% Savings: A Case Study in Automating Fund Accounting with Conductor

Automating the Fund Middle and Back Office with Conductor

How a top-ten global fund administrator brought process latency from two weeks down to 24 hours — with greater accuracy, and cost efficiency.

Traditional fund accounting, relying on manual entry into a general ledger, is a time-consuming and can be an error-prone process. Reducing the errors inherent to this system has typically meant laboriously checking and validating data by hand — bolting another slow process onto another.

Enter Conductor, the SaaS solution from Harmonate. Conductor utilizes machine learning technology to process, contextualize and sort data inputs. The more data it sees, the more it learns, and the better it helps firms navigate exceptions and fringe cases.

This white paper presents a case study on how large fund administrators can more easily upgrade their fund reporting process using Conductor. Costs can be dropped by 80% over two years, while drastically reducing delivery time.

What could a next-gen reporting process, powered by machine learning, do for your fund services?

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